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School Holiday Open Workouts… and Another Amazing Make-Up Lesson for London and Maddie with Coach Jordan at Randolph Gymnastics

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like the last month or so of holidays was both relaxing and a blur… while we had plenty of family time, including Rex’s terrific holiday meals, with London and Maddie’s brothers, sister, niece, nephews and grandmothers, we got away from our usual routines… ballet, modern dance, gymnastics.  Now that we’re back at school, we’re off to a great start in the New Year 2010, and the girls are happy to be back to their after-school classes at Randolph Gymnastics, including a couple of fun Friday night make-ups with Coach Jordan for the classes we missed during the hectic holidays.

Our Friday night make-up sessions have become a big event for the whole family, since instead of having our nanny drive the girls to class, Rex and I go along to see the progress they’re making in their classes at Randolph Gymnastics, followed by dinner at Pizza Pub in Ironia or Redwoods in Chester, NJ.  Even though our girls will never be Olympic champions, we are always impressed with the moves and positions they’re able to perform… Maddie has become a master of the “bridge” and is practicing the back walkover… a position that demonstrates her incredible flexibility, while London loves the back bend kickover so much that she’s writing a “how to” for her third grade class.  Both of the girls keep working to improve their flips, handsprings and carthweels on the in-ground power tumble track.  Whenever I see them bouncing down the track, I want to jump right in! Even though many of the moves are quite challenging, with Coach Jordan there to “spot” the girls (and catch them before they fall), we never have to worry that they’ll hurt themselves by doing something they shouldn’t.  A reminder that if your child is really talented, Randolph Gymnastics also offers private lessons with many of their coaches.

Even though we’re just past ten days of Christmas holidays, on Monday, January 18th, London and Maddie and kids all over New Jersey are looking forward to a day off in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Instead of having the kids running around the house, bouncing off the walls and looking for something to do… why not let them burn off that energy with an Open Workout at Randolph Gymnastics? For $10/person, you can turn them loose at Randolph Gymnastics, where instead of jumping on your sofa, kids can go crazy on the inflatables (giant slide and bouncing castle), as well as the trampolines, balance beams, and other gymnastics equipment, all supervised by a staff of professional instructors. Open Workouts will be offered at Randolph Gymnastics from 1:00 to 3:00pm on Monday, January 18th (MLK), and Monday, February 15th (Presidents’ Day).

The next session starts February 8th and runs through May 1st, with open registration starting on January 25th. So if your children love their Open Workout, you can meet the instructors and sign up for weekly classes, available for all ages and abilities. London and Maddie have been attending classes since they were toddlers, and while they’re not likely to make the Randolph Gymnastics team, they’ve progressed to Novice II and Novice III and show no sign of stopping.

Call Randolph Gymnastics at (973) 584-4111 to learn more about group classes, private lessons or birthday parties. If you let Shannon know that Roxy sent you, she’ll arrange for an age and skill appropriate free trial class for your child.

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